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Improving the health your best investment, your team!

We provide health management programs that are designed to maximise workplace performance, minimise workplace health problems and related costs to your organisation, and help you create a culture of care and commitment.

The effects of poor employee health on Australian productivity cannot be underestimated. For example, unhealthy workers average just 49 productive hours of work per month compared to 143 hour per month for the healthy ones (Medibank Private, 2005).
Manage your employee’s health and see the results add up.

A large part of remaining healthy is identifying health risks early and making simple, but important, lifestyle changes.

Energize Health offer preventative tools (like Employee Health Checks) and management tools (like seminars and one-on-one consultations) to improve the health, and therefore the performance, of your employees.

Our Approach

We create “real life” health solutions for your business.

During assessment current health, lifestyle and work practices are identified. This provides a framework to deliver effective lifestyle solutions to improve the health, producivity and culture of the business.
During the planning stage health, lifestyle and work practices identified can be targeted with suitable strategies. This enables specific program delivery to meet the problems identified by staff. We can target delivery methods for casual and shift workers so the whole organisation can benefit.
Take Action
Effective implementation is about creating a motivated, positive culture that is focused on improving performance and well-being. A committment to improving the health of your workforce can lead to fewer sick days and increased productivity.
At each stage of the process evaluation is a key component. Firstly during assessment and then during planning. Evaluation is built into every step of the program. The evaluation of key outcomes includes quality of life, health risks and productivity tied to performance outcomes.
Regular reporting is part of the committment from Energize Health. Including session evaluations, staff health evaluation and risk profiles for your business.


To know where you’re going you need to know where you are now.
During the program planning stage a number of assessments can be conducted to identify overall health trends in your work force.
  • Quality of life - identifies physical, emotional, social, energy and general health measures of your work force referenced against current national trends.
  • Health Risk factors - diabetes, heart disease and cancer risk assessments can be conducted which include finger prick tests and questionnaire along with blood pressure, weight, waist and heaight measurements.
  • Nutrition Survey to identify current eating patterns and potential deficiencies.
  • Workplace food audit - this is an audit to identify the access to healthy and unhealthy food choices available to staff in an around your workplace.
Quality of life Assessment
SCALE RESULTS   Age <24 25 to 64 65+ Action
Physical functioning 80 This is the extent to which your health limits the physical activities like looking after yourself, walking, moderate to vigorous activities.
90.9 83.5 57 60
Role limitations due to physical health 50 This relates to your physical ability to do what you need in your daily work routine. Issues relating to physical health need addressing in order to meet work requirements. 82.3 79.6 57.4 65
Role limitations due to emotional problems 58 Your ability to maintain a healthy weight can be directly related to your mood and emotional well-being. Being able to function in your life as a result of emotional problems needs to be addressed at work. This may require referral to a psychologist to assist with the management of emotional well-being. 69.9 76.96 75.8 55
Energy/ fatigue 50 Your energy levels may not have been as good as we need for you to get out and do the things you like. We’ll check on this again in a three months to see the results. 56.6 58.1 60.2 45
Emotional well being 55 This relates to the amount of time in past month which you became confused, reacted slowly to things, had difficulty reasoning, was forgetful, had trouble keeping attention, had difficulty concentrating. Problems identified here will require referral to a psychologist. 67.9 72.2 76.5 51
Social functioning 85 Socializing is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Being part of a team at work requires social interaction. Making some changes to a more balanced lifestyle can help to improve your social life. 76.03 81.4 81.1 63
Pain 46 Pain can be an important deterant to the ability to observe normal work functions. It is a barrier to leading a healthy lifestyle and reduces quality of life. This may require referral to ensure pain management issues are controlled. 74.18 70.65 65.1 51
General health 60 This is an indication of your overall health and our aim is to help you create a healthier more energized lifestyle through a balanced approach to living. 68.3 71.9 65.3 51

Health Risk Assessment

The diabetes and heart disease screening tools identify those workers who are at risk. The tool also identifies thos workers who are overweight or may be at risk of other health problems. Research demonstrates that overweight workers are:
  • Blood pressure
  • Glucose Test
  • Choloesterol Test
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Bodyfat
  • Waist measurement

Nutrition Survey

The nutrition survey can identifiy early trends in your workforce that can increase the risk of chronic disease. Obesity and poor nutrition is associated with increase sick leave and poor performance at work. The four pilars of good nutrition include dietary fat, fibre, anti-oxidants and balance. The survey identifies healthy eating trends which can then be modified through effective action.

Workplace Food Audit

Easy access to unhealthy foods has been shown to increase obesity rates and promote weight gain in the workplace. We can liase with food providers at your worksite, audit vending machines, conduct nutrition analysis of catering services and develop alternative options that promote a healthy workplace.

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