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Need More Energy To Get Through Your Day?

Need more energy to get through your day?

Are you feeling a little flat in the afternoon, don’t have enough energy to get through the day. You may have seen the ‘cuppa soup’ ad where the mere male drives off from the petrol stati on with the bowser sti ll att ached to his car. Whilst you may not have found yourself in a situation quite as dangerous, most of us know what it’s like to suff er from the mid aft ernoon slump. Have you ever found yourself making silly mistakes as a result of three thirtyiti s. Maybe the type of food you are choosing isn’t helping you power through the day.

Let’s take a look at Chris’s story. It has been a busy day dealing with unmotivated clients who weren’t particularly interested. Chris had been fl at out getti ng the kids ready for school in the morning and barely had ti me for breakfast. He didn’t pack any lunch and breakfast was a slice of toast and a coff ee to get the heart started.

By 11.30 Chris notices that his stomach is growling so he stops off at a service stati on to grab a pie. It’s quick and the only opti on he had at the ti me, well at least so he thought. By 3 o’clock in the aft ernoon Chris is unable to concentrate and he noti ces that he’s feeling very ti red and his hands are a litt le shakey. The soft drink machine seems to be staring him in the face and the idea of a coke seems like a good one. By 4.30 he fi nds himself fl at again and by the ti me he gets home he can’t keep out of the kitchen, wandering in and out over the next hour looking for diff erent snacks to sati sfy his hunger. By dinner he had eaten half a packet of biscuits and two or three packets of potato chips ‘they’re for the kids lunch box’. This is such a common story that you may be able to identi fy with. Let’s have a look at why this type of eati ng is so bad for our health. Aft er a meal our body is able to convert the carbohydrate from foods like bread, cereal, chips, rice, pasta and biscuits into glucose or sugar. Once this happens our body produces a hormone called insulin which is able to take the glucose into the cells in our body. Chris hasn’t eaten much through the day and when he had snacked his food choices were high Glycaemic index foods which raise the blood glucose too quickly. Our body converts this energy into excess fat and oft en this is stored around the tummy. Aft er a high Glycaemic index meal like chips or biscuits our body has too much glucose (sugar) which makes our body work hard to keep the blood glucose levels down. It can become toxic. Our body produces large amounts of hormones that promote infl ammati on and damage our organs and blood vessels. Things like adipinokines, infl ammatory cytokines, interleukins all create a damaging environment for our heart, liver and pancreas. High Glycaemic index foods can also promote the development of diabetes. The increase in blood glucose over a long ti me makes our pancreas less eff ecti ve. People who eat a large amount of high Glycaemic index foods are also more likely to become overweight. Lets look at some ways you can help lower the Glycaemic index of your diet to help give you the energy to get the most out of your day. Replace this With This White Bread replace with Grain Bread Sultana Bran replace with Special K Mango and Rockmelon replace with Peaches and Nectarine Lollies replace with Dark Chocoalte Jasmine Rice replace with Basmati Rice (White) saos replace with Ryvita or Vita-weet Potato replace with Sweet Potato Coke or Soft Drink replace with Farmer’s Union Light Iced Coffee Dates replace with Dried Apricot

21 Oct 2011

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