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Hungover? Get Over It Sooner.

Hungover? Get over it sooner.

The first question to ask is what causes a hangover? There are a few theories about what causes a hangover. The first is the withdrawal effect from alcohol. Alcohol switches off receptors in our brain called GABA receptors. When you stop drinking this effect stops and causes a rebound increase in the activity of GABA receptors.

Another theory is the role of dehydration which often results from the diuretic effect of alcohol. Diuretic basically means that it makes you do a wee, even if you don't have an excess amount of fluid in the body.

Congenors are also thought to be part of the reason why we suffer a hangover, particularly after drinking certain spirits and red wine. These are impurities and other forms of alcohol such as methanol that have a toxic effect. Preservatives in certain alcoholic drinks have also been linked to the symptoms of a hangover, however it is likely that it is a combination of all these.

So who can diet help with recovery?

Drink a large glass of fruit juice. Fruit juice contains a fruit sugar called fructose which helps our liver metabolise alcohol. This can help speed up your turnaround from a hangover. The extra fluid and electrolytes in fruit juice will also reduce dehydration which is a major cause of a hangover.

The fatty bacon and eggs for breakfast is not a good idea. The added fats can slow down rehydration and lengthen the time to recovery.
16 Mar 2012

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