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Are You A Little Moody

Are You A Little Moody?

We have all been told to drink when we feel thirsty, however a new study has shown that even mild dehydration can affect your mood, energy levels and concentration.

A new study by the University of Connecticut's Human Performance Laboratory has shown a link between the amount of fluid in our body and our central nervous system. It's not just about staying hydrated during exercise, extreme heat, or exertion. It's about maintaining an adequate fluid intake throughout the entire day.

The feeling of thirst doesn't start to kick in until our hydration levels have dropped by 1 or 2%. This means that the effects of dehydration have already started and your performance may be suffering as a result.

Around 50 people participated in the study and tests looked at ability to concentrate, headaches and other effects on mental (cognitive) performance. Interestingly females perceived an effect on performance at lower dehydration levels than males suggesting they may be more sensitive to their hydration status.

Importantly during menstruation women will often need a much higher fluid requirement during this time and it may in part explain changes in mood during this time.

To help reduce your risk of dehydration and reducing your performance levels, why not consider having a 600mL drink bottle next to your desk. Aim to fill it up 3 times a day to acheive the recommended 1800mL of fluid. This requirement will increase if you perspire excessively or if you are physically active or in the heat of the day.

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29 Feb 2012

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