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Is Fruit Sugar Really Causing Your Weight Gain

Is Fruit Sugar Really Causing Your Weight Gain?

You may have read recently about the dangers of fructose and it's effect on our weight. In fact Lawyer, David Gillespie is making a killing out of his book 'Sweet Poison' which proposes that our obesity and much of the health problems we face today are a direct results of 'fruit sugar'. In fact he is suggesting the Government 'BAN' all fructose in our diet.

As a nutritionist I think it is completely absurd and the science just doesn't back him up. In my opinion he should stick to legal advice and leave the nutrition advice to the experts.

Ultimately what causes weight gain is an excess intake of calories or kilojoules. Granted some foods are more easily digested and may be more likely to cause weight gain, however if you eat more than you burn. You gain weight.

The link between fruit sugar and weight gain was recently tested by some Canadian researchers who looked at the link betwee fruit sugar and weight gain. The study which was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and demonstrated that fruit sugar 'fructose' did not cause any additional weight gain compared with other forms of carbs like bread, pasta which do not contain fructose.

What they found was that It came down to the total amount of energy or calories the person was consuming.

With this in mind, you can all go back to eating your pears, banana and grapes in peace and rest easy in the knowledge that you aren't going to cause any additional weight gain. Remember is your total calorie intake that counts.


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29 Feb 2012

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