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Building Muscle Helps With Weight Loss

Muscle Up for weight loss!

 We have always known that diet and exercise is the answer to winning the battle of the budlge, but researchers have recently discovered that getting the right type of diet matched with the right type of exercise can help burn fat and build muscle.

Professor Donald Layman, who was invited to speak at the International Congress on Obesity in September, recently studied the weight-loss effects of four different types of diet and exercise plans in women wanting to lose weight. Put simply women on a higher intake of protein and combining two weight lifting sessions a week on top of regular walking were able to achieve almost a 100% body fat loss.

This is extremely exciting news as we know that maintaining adequate muscle mass helps keep the weight off. The typical high carbohydrate, lower protein diets tend to promote muscle loss and in Dr Layman’s studied they last substantially more of their weight as muscle. Other studies have demonstrated that this type of diet is more likely to promote binge eating as the hunger pangs get too much to cope with.

We know that protein is needed by our body to rebuild muscle, but the research indicates that one of the amino acids called leucine may be helping to turn on the muscle building/fat burning switch in our bodies. Including lean meat, chicken, dairy and eggs as part of your daily food choices can significantly increase your intake of this important amino acid.

Leucine may also help to improve weight loss by altering the levels of leptin in our body, another important hormone that regulates our weight. Recently I spent time at a workshop reviewing the Nutrient Reference Values. Some of the lecturers indicated that the next food guideline should be more flexible to incorporate the diverse range of diets that fit in a healthy eating guide which includes an eating plan higher in protein. Including a higher intake of protein does not have to be unhealthy.

Lean red meat is an important source of omega 3 and other essential minerals and vitamins. Cutting back on meat is not always the healthy approach to weight loss. As these recent studies have demonstrated including the right type of protein in the diet can improve your weight loss and reduce your risk for heart disease.

Combining some more protein with some weight training is going to get the best results as you maintain your muscle mass. Many of you trying to lose weight possibly haven’t considered weight training as part of your weight loss program, but as this study shows you can achieve substantially better weight loss if you muscle up

29 Feb 2012

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