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Reduce Your Risk Of Bowel Cancer

Reduce your risk of Bowel Cancer

I sat watching a movie with my wife called 'A little bit of Heavan' featuring Kate Hudson. This mid 30 year old woman dies of incurable bowel cancer. It was an emotional movie, watching her go through treatment which had a very damaging effect on her health. Unfortunately she dies as a result of the cancer.

Whilst this movie does not have a direct relationship to diet, the rates of bowel cancer in Australia are increasing. Currently the influence of diet on bowel cancer is thought to be signifincat.

There is evidence that resistant starch may help to reduce your risk. People from both Africa and Asia have a low incidence of bowel cancer and they consume a high intake of resistant starch. These are found primarily in foods like legumes (kidney beans, pulses), whole grains such as rye and cooked potato, rice and pasta along with banana.

The other types of insoluble fibre found in high fibre wheat based cereals, brown rice, pasta, millet, quinoa, bulgar and rye breads.  Many of you who are afraid of carbs could be increasing your risk of bowel cancer, so it is important to ensure you include wholegrain carbs.

29 Feb 2012

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