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Be Kind To Your Kidneys

Be Kind to your Kidneys

The last time you went to the toilet, did you take a minute to think what an amazing job the kidney does? Probably not.

Our kidneys filter around 200 litres of blood each day. Their main function is to remove the toxins and other waste products from our body. Unfortunately there are currently around one in ten people who have some kidney damage Diet and lifestyle play an important role in protecting our Kidney. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two main causes of kidey disease and we can help prevent it.

Some studies show that increasing your intake of calcium, potassium and magnesium may just help to get your blood pressure down. Cutting back on the salt can also help to reduce your blood pressure.

What does this mean in reality?

1. Start drinking more milk.

Including 3 serves of dairy a day won’t make you fat if you don’t over do the calories in your other food.

2. Include more fruit, around 4 to 6 serves a day has been shown to be effective.

3. Go Nuts, the unsalted, preferably raw nuts are full of magnesium and contain a number of healthy fats

4. Legumes, whole grain breads and cereals are also a good source of magnesium.

The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet was proven to reduce blood pressure in just 14 days. This type of eating plan is high in whole grain breads and cereals, fruit, vegetables and low fat dairy.

The next time you’re sitting down to a pie and sauce think for one second about your kidneys and you might like to take some fruit instead.

Should you have your kidneys checked?

Aged over 50 High Blood Pressure Smoking Diabetes Family history of kidney disease Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. If this is you, see your doctor and ask for a kidney test.

29 Feb 2012

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