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Olive Oil v. Canola

The antioxidants in olive oil make it the winner, but really it comes down to how you are going to use the oil. Both olive and canola oil are an excellent source of unsaturated fat.

This type of fat can help to reduce cholesterol and lower your risk for heart disease. Whilst olive oil is abundant in anti-oxidants, it has a lower smoke point. Olive oil will smoke at around 190oC, however canola oil can be heated to a temperature of 240oC. This means that your food is less likely to absorb as much fat when using Canola oil at a higher temperature.

Canola oil also contains some omega 3 fats which are healthy for our heart. So why not use both, drizzle some olive oil on your salad to get the most of the anti-oxidants and use a little canola oil with your fish and your heart will love you for it.

29 Feb 2012

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