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Are You Taking Your Vitamins?

Are you taking your Vitamins?

Growing up I can remember being sent off to school with my devon and tomato sauce sandwich, a piece of fruit and if I was lucky a small packet of chips. As I was running out the door mum would force down a fistful of vitamins, just in case she missed something.

As you know some of the vitamins you don’t use get passed in the urine. As an 8 year old using a communal urinal, explaining to the other kids why your urine glows in the dark can be quite difficult.

Today more and more Australians are using vitamins, but do we need to take vitamins and minerals? In Australia we spend almost 700 million dollars on vitamins and minerals each year.

As we get older we are looking more and more for ways to extend our life, but do we need supplements to boost our diet? The short answer is yes.

The importance of a healthy diet is crucial to good health, however in some cases vitamin and nutrient supplement can help support well-being and vitality.

If you are run down, taking Vitamin B and C  can help boost your immune function. Fish oil has been shown in a large number of studies to help with reducing heart disease.

The big difference between vitamin supplements and real food is that there are other ingredients in food that can work together and other compounds that are beneficial for our health and we do not know about yet.

Eating a healthy diet can reduce your risk of heart disease by as much as 30%. Not only do you benefit from the vitamins in food, but you will get other important plant chemicals that can protect us from heart disease. We know that some of these chemical when put together are much more effective.

Elderly people who find it difficult to eat large meals and may have greater nutritional needs for example calcium, adding a calcium supplement may be helpful.

Kids who are fussy eaters may also need a multi, but don’t rely on the magical multi to give them all the goodness a healthy diet provides as research shows they don’t match up.

I recommend nutritional supplements that have some evidence they are beneficial. Your nutritional needs may be different to others, so you should consult your health professional, not just a behind the counter assistant who is keen to make some money.

You should also remember that some vitamins and minerals can be toxic if taken in excess. Whilst you may find too many carrots makes your skin glow orange from the beta-carotene, it won’t cause any ill effect.

If you are taking Vitamin A, D, Selenium you can cause toxic levels to build up in the body and cause harm. So make sure you talk to your health care professional first.

29 Feb 2012

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