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The Best Type Of Protein For Muscle?

Does the type of protein you eat matter and when should you take it?

I recently saw a body builder who takes whey protein after a workout and casein  protein before bed. He claims that this maximizes muscle growth. Any evidence or clinical experience to support this?

When you drink a glass of milk, there are different types of protein that can have a different effect in the body. You can probably remember the nursery ryme, Old Mrs Muffet, sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey. Well, if Mrs Muffet was trying to bulk up, she would make sure that it was about half an hour after her workout. The question is, does it really matter when you have your protein snack?

The jury really is still out on this one. Whey protein has been shown to provide a more rapid delivery than casein. It's a little like the glycaemic index of proteins. Some proteins work faster than others.  Proteins that work rapidly tend to provide a great muscle building response. Having a snack of cottage cheese which is high in before bed is very common amongst bodybuilding.

Recent Studies have shown that the total amount of protein consumed over the day is more important that the type and time consumed. Casein does have some advantages in that slower digestion rates may help you fell fuller, but once again, if you are getting adequate protein then it really doesn't matter.

29 Feb 2012

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