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How Is Australia Cooking

Now We're Cooking?

A new report from the Meat and Livestock Association looking at the cooking habits of Australians has some interesting insights. The myth that we are inspired to cook as a result of the flood of cooking shows is just not true. A survey of participants from the study looked at in depth interviews, focus groups, online surveys and blogs to tease out our attitudes about cooking.

Whilst Matt Preston and the crew on Channel Ten's Masterchief may present us with some inspiring and enticing food, we're just not doing anything about it. Most of us feel under qualified and don't really understand the basics about cooking. Not to mention the feeling of inadequacy when we watch 10 year olds on Kid's Masterchief cook a meal that most adults cannot produce.

The survey found that we're using the internet much more to cook. Searches on amongst other websites are helping us decide what to eat. No longer is it the family who is influencing our pallete, it's the experiences we are having later in life that determine what we eat. No longer is meat and three veg being served.

This has some great advantages in that healthy food neeeds variety, and the

29 Feb 2012

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