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More Controversy About Eggs.

Eggstremely controversial eggs

The message about eggs is constantly changing. Clients are constantly asking me if they should eat eggs. "My doctor said they are bad for my heart" is a message I've heard regularly. Is the cholesterol in eggs a problem, or is there something else that is a problem?

A number of recent studies have linked eggs with prostate cancer. A study in male health professionals found that men who ate more than 2 and a half eggs a week had a higher risk of lethal prostate cancer. In fact the results indicated an 81% higher risk compared with men who ate less than half an egg a week.

So how do you make sense of this research? Are eggs now good for you heart, but bad for your prostate? The short answer is no. Whenever a study is conducted you need to find out how they selected the participants, what is it about men who eat eggs regularly increaet their risk for prostate cancer?

In this study they found that egg eater were more likely to smoke, be less active, overweight and have diabetes. They also ate less chicken and fish and I suppose you could say they were less healthy.

Again we find ourselves confused about the message of whether we should or should not eat eggs? My professional opinion is to encourage egg consumption. They are an excellent source of protein, a wide variety of essential nutrients and have been shown to be beneficial in weight management.

29 Feb 2012

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