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Can Coffee Cure Cancer?

Can Coffee Cure Cancer?

As scientists and health professionals we have always had a love hate relationship with Coffee.  One minute you’re told coffee is going to give you blood pressure, the next we are promoting it as the healthiest drink on earth. It seems as though the balance is tipping toward the benefits of coffee outweigh the risks.

A new long term study from the Harvard School of Public Health has shown that coffee was protective against endometrial cancer. It’s thought that is due to the effect it has on oestrogen, insulin and obesity. Coffee drinkers don’t tend to gain as much weight as non-coffee drinkers.

They used data from the US nurses study, which included over 67000 women. The results indicated the women who drank more than four cups of coffee each day had a 25 percent lower risk of endometrial cancer. Those who drank two to three cups had a seven percent lower risk.

For those of you with high blood pressure, the good news is that the lower risk of cancer was also seen in those drinking decaffeinated coffee. Drinking two to three cups of decaff demonstrated a 22 percent lower risk. What was particularly interesting in this study is that they found those women who smoked still had some positive effects from drinking coffee. It seemed that the positive effect of coffee outweighed the negative effect of smoking.

So this is more good news for the coffee lovers of the work. Myself included. Whilst there is no chance I’ll develop endometrial cancer, the link between coffee and cancer seems to be quite strong, so drink up.

Reference: American Association for Cancer Research

29 Feb 2012

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