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Go Green For Better Cholesterol

Green tea Good for Cholesterol
Green tea has been described as the healthiest drink you can consume for some time now. It does take some getting used to the taste, so it had better be worth it? 

A new study will help to give you some confidence in why you are drinking the Chinese health tea. The level of total cholesterol and LDL or “bad” cholesterol dropped in people who were drinking green tea. 

Studies have already shown the link between the catechins in green tea for weight loss and other health benefits; however this study reinforces the benefit for heart health. This study was large, there were 1415 participants in the study and they consumed between 145 to 3000mg of catechins from green tea a day, either as a drink or in capsule form. A cup of strong green tea provides 50mg of catechins. 

What was interesting in the study is that the capsule form of green tea was not as effective as the drink. Catechins have not only been linked to a reduction in cholesterol, but also a reduction in the risk of cancer. This gives you more reason to drink green tea. 

For some of you who are not keen on the taste, there are some ways to help. 

1. Try the flavoured green tea; there are a number of different types including vanilla, lemon myrtle, jasmine and others that can help to make the taste more pleasant. 

2. Add some honey, it help to take away that bitter taste 

3. Try it cold, cold ice green tea is refreshing, particularly on hot days 

4. Add a small amount of juice to ice green tea
29 Feb 2012

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