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Vitamin D - Not Just For The Bones

Vitamin D - Not just for the bones 

We have always been told that Vitamin D is important for developing strong and healthy bones. However new research is showing that this Vitamin produced in our body from the sun has a much wider role to play in our health. The other concern is the number of people who have a Vitamin D deficiency. 

Obese adolescents have recently been shown to have a much greater risk of Vitamin D as they absorb the vitamin into their bodyfat which prevents it from been used by other important parts of their body. 

In a new study researchers gave overweight teenagers 4000 IU (international units) of Vtamin D which demonstrated an improved Vitamin D status. The researches found the obese are only half as efficient at using Vitamin D compared with a healthy weight teenagers, and it is therefore helpful to use supplementation. 

Vitamin D is issential for the immune system, muscle, nerve and bone development. It may also have a role in cancer prevention and heart disease. Vitamin D is normally synthesised in our skin and converted in the kidneys from cholesterol. 

There are concerns that the sun protection measures reduce the conversion of Vitamin D. There is also a risk of Vitamin D deficiency in people with renal impairment. Due to the poor conversion of Vitamin D in obesity, the recommended amount may be higher. 

In the study it was shown to increase the blood levels by 1ng/mL took 200 IU of Vitamin D, compared to 100 IU in a healthy weight individual. Bioceuticals have a fantastic D3 supplement available. 

If you or your teenager is overweight and isn’t feeling there best, you and they would benefit from taking Vitamin D. Inquire today.
29 Feb 2012

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