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Easy Food Swaps To Get You In The Mood

Improve your mood with food...

We all have bad days, and sometimes food is the perfect pick-me up. We know there is a strong connection between our stomach and our brain, but can food really make a difference to how we feel? Here are some food swaps to help you feel a little bit better and healthier. 

Have Toasted Turkey Sandwich on Soy &
Linseed bread instead of a meat pie: The soy & linseed is a great source of omega 3 which is essential for
the brain and the turkey is an excellent source of Tryptothan which is a
precursor of serotonin which makes us feel good. 

Dark Chocolate with at least 50% cocoa instead of chocoalte biscuits:  The amphetamines and theobromine in dark chocolate is a powerful
stimulant. Unfortunately tim tams don’t have enough cocoa to work, although
they do taste nice. 

Fruit Bread instead of a croissant: The raisins and dried fruit is an excellent source of hydroxycinnamics
(caftaric and coutaric acids), procyanidins, and flavan-3-ols which can help
improve memory. A study published in the Archives of Neurology indicates that
trans fat in croissants can also increase your risk of Alzheimers . 

Tea instead of a coke: Tea contains an amino acid called L-thionine which can help to put your
brain in a beta wave state. You’ll be relaxed but alert. 

Nuts instead of lollies: The afternoon can be a difficult time to concentrate. The lolly jar on
the bench or in the draw at work may look tempting, however the amino acids
in nuts are excellent brain food and walnuts contain alpha linolenic acid
which is extremely important for normal brain function. 

Fish instead of steak: We know that almost one third of our brains weight is made up of omega 3
fats. Including fish at least twice a week can help to increase the omega 3
which leads to improved brain function.  

"eat right, have fun, live well"
27 Oct 2011

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