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Need To Improve Your Mental Performance

Do you need to improve your mental performance?

Omega 3 fish oil has been shown to improve blood flow to the brain and may have a positive impact on mental performance. 

Two studies found that overall,taking fish oil supplement for three months reduced mental fatigue and improved reaction times. These results suggest that taking omega-3 fish oil taken long term can improve performance. 

The second study found that taking DHA-rich fish oil over the same time period increased blood flow to active areas of the brain. This may have implications for mental function later on in life. 
Current evidence suggests taking omega-3 supplements may prevent cognitive changes and dementia. It could be that increased blood flow to the brain may be the reason why this protects our brain.
 Dr Philippa Jackson said: "If we can pinpoint both the behavioural and brain blood flow effects of this fatty acid in older healthy people, then the benefits for those with mental degenerative conditions associated with normal ageing could be that much greater." 
If you would like to improve your brain function, try the DHA Omega 60 softgels fish oil supplements from Bioceuticals. It contains 430mg of DHA per capsule. Regular fish oil will contain 120mg.
23 Oct 2011

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