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Why Fish?

Fish and seafood have been eaten and enjoyed for thousands of years. In recent years the full benefits of eating seafood regularly have been revealed. Fish and seafood have: Very Low Fat Content - Seafood is only about 2% fat Relatively High Omega 3 - these have important roles in preventing blood clots, lowering VLDL cholesterol and triglycerides, reducing blood pressure and may also have protective roles against cancer, arthritis and some skin conditions. Variable Cholesterol Contents - the levels of cholesterol in fish would only be considered a problem if the seafood were prepared in a high fat manner. Low Calorie Density - All types of seafood have relatively low calorie contents compared with even the leanest cuts of red meat and chicken. High in Protein, Vitamins and Minerals - Fish and seafood are excellent sources of iodine, zinc, potassium, phosphorous and B group vitamins. Buying and Storing Fish and Seafood Buying Fish and Seafood Select whole fish with clear, bulging eyes, firm flesh, bright gills, lustrous skin and pleasant sea smell. Allow 300g per person when buying whole fish. Fillets and cutlets should have a moist, firm flesh. Never re-freeze thawed fish. Allow 150g per person for fish fillets and 200g per person for cutlets. Shellfish should be absolutely fresh when eaten in natural form or preserved. Cooking Fish and Seafood The basic rule – DON’T OVERCOOK Fish is ready as soon as it turns opaque all the way through and is no longer translucent. To test, insert a fork into the thickest part of the flesh and gently divide. It is cooked if it flakes easily. With whole fish or cutlets, the flesh should come cleanly away from the backbone. Oily fish are best suited to grilling, barbequing, baking and dry frying. Fish with a low oil content are best suited to steaming, pan frying in a tablespoon of olive oil or wrapped in foil before baking or barbequing.

21 Oct 2011

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