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Ideas To Reduce Fat Intake

Tips to reduce your fat intake

Choose lean meat at the supermarket or butcher shop. Choose meat where the visible fat can easily be cut off or meat with the least marbling. • Trim visible fat from meat before cooking it. • Remove the skin from chicken, duck and turkey. • Don't eat the fat remaining on meat after cooking. Cut it off. • Use the rack when grilling or roasting meat so that the fat can drip away. • Allow home-made soups, stews and casseroles to cool until fat solidifies on the surface and skim off the fat before serving. • Many processed foods are high in fat (eg. devon, salami, sausages, frankfurts) and therefore should only be eaten in small amounts occasionally. • Takeaway foods such as pies, pasties, sausage rolls, fish in batter, chips, deep fried chicken, apple pie and other sweet pastries are high in fat. Refer to Tips on Takeaway and Eating Out Guide for preferred options. • A low fat way of roasting or baking vegetables is to brush vegetables with monounsaturated canola or olive oils or spray, or bake them on a greased slide in the oven. They will be crunchy and delicious. • Instead of adding butter, margarine or oil to vegetables or salads, use oil free dressings, vinegar, citrus juices, stock and herbs and spices for flavour. • As cream is a high fat food, use skim or low fat natural yoghurt instead. • Monounsaturated margarines such as olive or canola are better choices than butter but still should be spread thinly on your toast, bread and crackers. • Instead of potato crisps, twisties and other deep fried fatty snack foods, use pretzels, plain popcorn, rice crackers, dried fruit or small amounts of nuts (peanuts, walnuts, cashews - unsalted). • Your favourite cake recipes can be modified using the Recipe Rescue handout. • Use Skim / Shape / Life Low Fat / Lite White / Farmers Best milks and low fat yoghurt. For variety, add fresh or stewed fruit. • Try making your gravies with fat free stock or low salt gravy powder available from your supermarket. • Use split peas, lentils and beans such as kidney beans and borlotti beans as a substitute for meat or to extend meat dishes eg. in casseroles, soups or mince meat dishes. It saves money too. • Cold meat, salted nuts and cheeses are not ideal snack choices. Fresh or dried fruit, fruit bars, fruit bread, or plain teacake are ideal. • Enjoy baked beans, tomatoes, spaghetti or sweetcorn as low fat breakfast choices instead of bacon and eggs.

21 Oct 2011

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